Traditional media monitoring Traditional media monitoring

Traditional media

  • Newspaper Monitoring
  • Magazine Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • TV Monitoring
  • Radio Monitoring

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Social media monitoring Social media monitoring

Social media

  • Monitoring Trends
  • Segmentation
  • Live Charts
  • Automatic Sentiment Analysis

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Media analytics Media analytics


Our leading media research methodologies, coupled with the expertise our media analysts carry, helps you in gauging the performance of your PR campaigns effectively and how it has performed as compared to your competitors.

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About Us

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Media Observer was established in October 2010 specialized in Media Monitoring services and information management, providing clients with copies of media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand.

Our mission is to ensure than our clients are the first to know about what’s going on in their industry, and what is being said about their brands. We search, aggregate, filter & provide relevant information from all media types to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Media Observer's monitoring services include all types of print media (newspapers, magazines), in addition to websites, social media, TV and radio.

What Media Observer provides include documentation, content, analysis and translation of various publications whether local or regional.

Our services specialize our coverage by subject, industry, size, geography and publication and provide an interactive platform for our clients to manage their account and preferences through our website.

Clients can generate their own statistics reports through their accounts by choosing their analysis criteria by region, country, language, and media type to measure the exposure across the above vs. their competitors. We have 15 different analysis chart types for our clients to choose from.

Media Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Information Management, PR measurement, PR Analysis, Qualitative and quantitative analysis, Media Reports, Media Archiving


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Address: Amman, Jordan P.O. Box 4379

Phone: +962 6 534 6 328


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