Traditional media monitoring Traditional media monitoring Traditional media monitoring

Newspaper Monitoring

We comprehensively monitor more than 80 daily publications across the GCC, Levant and North Africa, in addition to the following:

  • Periodicals (weekly, monthly and quarterly magazines)
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Community publications
  • Government publications and gazerttes

Magazine Monitoring

Magazine monitoring services cover more than 600 magazines all over the Middle East region.

We cover all magazine genres, including but not limited to:

  • Lifestyle magazines
  • Automotive
  • News & Politics
  • Industrial
  • Business
  • Home & Properties

Website monitoring

Monitoring various news, business & entertainment websites. We currently monitor around 400 websites.

Our online monitoring works on the hour 24/7 to ensure capturing any updates/changes related to our client's news on the website's pages throughout our advanced automated crawler.

TV Monitoring

Media Observer provides 24-hour monitoring of over 100 satellite and terrestrial TV channels in the MENA region.

Clients can view their TV coverage in near real-time through a web-based portal that allows them to view the TV clippings as well as translation or summary.

Radio Monitoring

We have the capability to monitor terrestrial as well as satellite radio stations across the region. Delivery of audio clips and analysis is automated and done in electronic format.

Clients are able to reveive their radio coverage through a web-based portal that allows users to listen to the original radio clip as well as a translation or summary.

Media analytics Media analytics Media Analytics

Our leading media research methodologies, coupled with the expertise our media analysts carry, helps you in gauging the performance of your PR campaigns effectively and how it has performed as compared to your competitors'. Our reliable media analysis provided in-depth reports with the help of easy-to-read graphs and other interactive tools. Apart from that, our media analysis report also includes an assessment of how well your PR campaign has worked in building a relationship between you and the targeted audience.

The global reach and presence of our media monitoring helps us in creating in-depth report of your brand's media profile and where it stands in front of your competitors'; irrespective for which market, language or location you want the report for.

Some of the salient features of our media analysis reports include:

  • Easy to read media analysis reports, this makes it easier for our clients to understand and work upon it.
  • Detailed breakdown of data in the form of geographical location, language, media type and other points, which helps you in getting a better idea regarding the cost Vs benefit ratio for your PR strategy.
  • Helps you in gauging the impact of your PR campaign with respect to each campaign, project, products or clients.
  • Helps you in comparing the voice share of your brand with that of your competitors across various media platforms.
  • Other features such as coverage size, opportunities to see, and top media outlets also form a part of our detailed report which helps you in adjusting your brand's media strategy, wherever required.